DUAL-AMP DESIGN: Built around two separate identical opamp circuits for outstanding channel separation hence better stereo image.


LONG LASTING: Amplifier is powered with two internal  280ma 9 volt  re-chargeable NIMH batteries connected as 18 volts. One full charge can last up to 30 hours of non-stop usage.

600ma Li-ion battery upgrade option can last up-to 60 Hours of use! (see upgrades/modifications)

(above times depends on the listening volume levels)

USB RE-CHARGEABLE: Amplifier can be charged with any standard USB port as well as with the supplied USB power-supply-unit.


SUFFICIENT DRIVE: Highly suited for headphones above 200 ohms (as well as lower ones when used in low-gain mode).

Higher impedance headphones require higher driving signals to produce same level of sound compared to low impedance ones. With its 18v power source its outputs have more than sufficient drive needed to drive difficult, less sensitive headphones.


LESS DISTORTION/BETTER SOUND:OpAmps perform best when they operate closer to their max 18v operating voltage range.


MULTI GAIN:(User selectable): For low or high amplification of the input signal.


BASS ENHANCE MODE:(User selectable): When activated it enhances the low-end sound spectrum.  

This mode is specially suited for over-bright headphones.

Bass enhance mode is not over-powering! It just adds enough depth without loosing performance in rest of the sound spectrum.


HAND MADE: All soldering and final finishes are done by hand to very high standards.


TOUGH ALUMINIUM CASE: It is housed in a 100% shielded, hard coat anodized, very high quality aluminium case measuring 30mm x 63mm x 92mm (H-W-D).




Maximum Performance On The Go

Comparable to high quality desktop units. High output, amazing resolution, clean, precise, low noise, superb stereo image.
◊ ◊ ◊

Buy with confidence. Good audio reproduction comes from good engineering! I have two Electronics Engineering University Degrees and currently working as a full-time professional Electronics Engineer.
◊ ◊ ◊

Each amplifier is constructed slowly  by hand, and myself only to the highest audiophile quality standards.
◊ ◊ ◊



UPGRADE/MOD options:

Listed below are upgrade and modification options available during purchase:

(for any upgrade(s) please request the total before paying)


OpAmp Upgrade

Standard design is based on high performance OPA134 opamps. AD8610 opamp upgrade option is available.

These opamps are of the highest audio pedigree.

Additional fee of £15.

2 X 600mA li-ion BATTERY OPTION

600mA Li-ion battery upgrade option with auto turn-off when the batteries are full. These batteries can last very, very long hours.

More than 48 hours of use is possible (depends on volume level).

 Additional fee: £20


Bass-Enhance  easy- access case modification

Bass-Enhance switch is located underneath the PCB. It can be accessed only by opening front panel and sliding the circuit towards front.       I can offer a case mod where I place a 10mm hole and a thin plastic cap over the hole (see below)

Additional fee: FREE














NEW modification option

With new version PCBs you can select what the switches below the amp does i.e. either bass-enhance or gain-change. With previous PCB models this function was reserved for Bass-Enhance only. Please let me know which mode you would prefer.
(The other mode will be controlled by internal jumpers i.e. If switches are controlling gain then bass-enhance will be controlled by internal jumpers and vice-versa)

Additional fee: FREE

Above options may add 1 – 2 days of delay for ordering/fitting. (I do have limited spares in-stock, please check).

United Kingdom:
-First class recorded: £3.50
Special Delivery: £6.00

-Air sure : £9.00
Internationally signed for: £9.00


Orders will be posted within 3 working days of payment. I will keep you informed ASAP

Thanks for looking

DUAL AMPLIFIER DESIGN Amplifier has been built to very high standards around two BurrBrown OPA134 opamps (or 2 x AD8610). Each opamp works independently from each other for powering the left and the right channels for excellent channel separation and better drive capability. OPA134(s) are FET input, ultra low noise, ultra low distortion amplifiers purpose built for quality audio applications.

•MULTI STAGE DeCOUPLING CAPACITORS ARRANGEMENT Various values of  high quality film and electrolytic  capacitors filter all ripple noise, eliminates copper track inductance/resistance for ultimate stability. Each OpAmp has its own local DeCoupling circuit.

•AUDIO CIRCUIT LAYOUT Circuit layout is designed very carefully for maximum audio performance.

•18 VOLTS RECHARGEABLE POWER SOURCE (+-9v) Power source of this amplifier are two standard high quality 280ma 9v rechargeable Nimh batteries connected as 18volts. One full charge can last up-to 30 hrs of use. 600ma li-ion battery upgrade option is available which from full charge these batteries can last up-to 60hrs of use! (times depend on the volume level but are realistic)


•CHARGING: Charging circuit is inside the amplifier itself. Powered with any standard 5v USB output.

Charging times:

280ma NIMH batteries: 8 - 10 hours overnight charge. Charging current slows when batteries are full. Manual turn-off advised.

600ma Li-ion batteries: 8 - 10 hours overnight charge. Charging current stops auto when batteries are full.

Above times are for full empty batteries. If you use the amp just few hours each day then 2 - 4 hours top-up charge is enough.


• DUAL GAIN  Gain of the amp can be altered to suit your headphones better. There are two gain settings.  Gain-1 is set to 2.3 and gain-2 is set to 6. Gain changing between 1 and 2 is simply done by removing and inserting of  2 gold-plated jumper links on the PCB. These jumpers are located within millimetres of opamps for less distortion.

•NEW BASS ENHANCE MODE: V3 has very carefully arranged bass-enhance filter.  Filter components including the gold-plated bass switch have been placed very-closely and within exact matching distance from each amplifying opamp. When activated it enhances the low end sound spectrum approximately by 20% which can help over-bright headphones.  When de-activated its effect is completely removed from the output.

Bass enhance mode is not over-powering! It adds enough depth without loosing the performance in rest of the sound spectrum

(Bass-Enhance switch can be accessed without opening the amp. See the upgrades/modifications section below)


Quality Components:

BurrBrown OPA134 or AnalogDevices AD8610 OpAmps

High quality, low ESR electrolytic smoothing capacitors

Wima DeCoupling capacitors

Alps volume pot

Low noise metal resistors

TLE2426 precision rail splitter IC

Gold plated gain jumper-links

Gold plated Bass-Enhance switch


Build Process:

•All soldering are done by hand to perfection with 4% silver solder.
•Fiberglass printed circuit board for better performance.
•Components are installed very closely to OpAmp ICs for minimum noise and better sound.
•Circuit layout is designed very carefully for maximum audio performance.



Very high quality aluminium enclosure. Dimensions: 30mm x 63mm x 92mm (H-W-D).
Solid Aluminium volume knob
Chrome plated on/off switch.
Blue power-on led, Red charger-on led.



•INPUT: 3.5mm Jack socket (can be connected with suitable cable to: DVD/CD, Ipod, MP3 player, computer sound cards, etc)

•OUTPUT: 3.5mm Jack socket



•Supplied with UK type 5v  power-supply-unit as well as a USB lead. Adaptors are given for EURO and AUSTRALIA type mains sockets.


This purchase is for my friend who are shocked with the warm and sweet sound after out PK with his 2 expensive head amp...

Hi Neco, I can't believe how awesome this amp is ! Listening to Daemon Days I am blown away ! Wow, even without burn in the sound is just incredibly detailed. I know audio memory is short, but switching from un-amped to amped, everything seems more spacious and the clarity is superb.Great job !

Hi Neco,I've just received the amp today. I have to say I am very impressed with it already, it sounds really spacious plugged into my ODAC at work.Thanks very much!

What a schock ! excellent amp (with diymod - demon 2k)

Awesome product. Awesome seller. Very fast. Buy his amp. You'll be happy

Hi Neco
I have received the amp and its a revelation - sounds wonderful (even with cheap Sennheisser headphones at the moment and 320kbs mp3)!

Hi Neco,
I got the unit just before I left!  Many thanks for sending the amp out ASAP.

I listened to it whenever I have the time on the road, and I am glad to report that it makes my music sound better!  This is in combination with the ODAC (Objective DAC) that came in at the same time.  

I will be keen on your new bossfet amp when it's out.
Many thanks once again!


•Hi Neco,

Just thought I'd pen you a short email to say how happy I am with my new V3 headphone amp. Its taken my on the go listening to a new level and makes journeys to and from work seem much too short.

The separation is superb with new depths right across the audio spectrum. Even holding it gives me pleasure (the amp that is!) I have already espoused this little gem to many of my friends. I can't wait until its fully burnt in...!

Yours, Dave

Hi Neco,

Goodness me you've produced a damned fine amplifier. I've been doing some comparative listening with my other portable gear and your amp sounds more analytical and lushly vibrant than kit by ALO, RSA and iBasso. Given that the aforementioned amps cost twice, if not three times the cost of your offering, your amp is a sonic bargain and I'm chuffed with it.

Thanks for being a superb engineer,


Hi Neco.

Just a short notice to say that the amp has arrived. I was away for business until 2 days ago and just started listening in, after leaving the amp on with music for about 20hours.

The amp looks beautiful and sounds better than Graham Slee Solo, Musical Fidelity X-CAN V2 and V3. Bass is fantastic, sound stage very good and there is a lots of fine details.


Hi Neco.

I bought a v3 amp from you recently which I decided to demo against a graham slee srg2 wih psu. I just wanted to commend you on a truly amazing headphone amp. I was surprised given the price difference how close the amps were after burn in. Doing a blind test your amp won across most genres I tested, only losing marginally in a couple places with clarity and stereo separation on some tracks, but barely noticeable. The set up was via logic pro, an apogee duet 2, the neco v3 amp into a pair hd650's. Build quality is superb (would have benefited from a couple of rubber feet :( ) battery life is great. for my setup larger in/out jack ports or phono inputs would have been good but given the size completely understandable and its is truly portable. So anyway just wanted to say great job. The srg is going back and the neco is staying staying. It wins on price, sound and portability! the way. I do have a pair of old sennheisers (hd-450's), which are 600 ohm, that the V.3 drives REALLY nicely, and at high volume. They may look outdated and be over 20 years old, but they sound phenomenal with that amp. They were always power hungry, but are fed nicely by the v.3. I will look into the 250 variation of the BD's. ...It just seems that if you were able, you never know what the market might accept should you make a more advanced amp. It seems as though you have a very good reputation, and I have read many good things about your amps in many places. I am still, by the way, astonished at how great the v.3's amazing. It's one of the reasons I always go for the op-amp upgrade, too...might as well get the most out of the amp that you can, right?



•In ten years of headphone listening,your amp is the first one that makes me close my eyes and concentrate on what I am hearing.
Thank you.

Best Regards Alan.


Dear Neco_Soundlab,

About 1,5 years ago I bought the 1st version of this amp. I was absolutely stunned by the sound paired with my SE535's and Ipod Classic 4th generation. I am extremely happy with this amp...It's like playing every song live for me. I REALLY cant understand that the Head Fi community has missed out on your amp...
Humble regards,



Hello... I recently bought a Neco v3 with All the upgrades from you, and it sounds absolutely amazing with my sennheiser hd 650. Better than the musical fidelity x Can v3 and the Ear max Pro. I Can see that you also have a Mosfet v.2.1 amplifier and I am a little curious about if its even better with the sennheiser hd650 than the Neco v3. What Will the difference be in sound signature ? I love the details from the Neco v3 but am also looking for a fuller, Warmer and more "analog" kind of sound... Kind of tube flavour without the tubes ;-) I Think a Warm an full Sound Will be a Nice alternative for the Neco v3... I like the idea of having both sound signatures on my desk so I Can switch between the amplifiers. Sometimes I am in the mood for listening to open and detailed Sound, and other times I just want to relax with some Warm and smooth Sound (that tube favour again ;-)

Sorry for my English

Regard Thomas


I'm enjoying V3 DUAL AMP with my beyerdynamic headphones,

The amp sound great right out of box and I expect the sound improves more as I burn it in.

Thank you for great products. keep up good work!